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When my father was about 80 years old, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. My Dad is a very special person, and that experience made him even more special as the following recounts the 'out of body experience' he had, written in his own words as he was on the brink of death. Now my father can't wait and tell everyone he meets that there is something wonderful waiting on the other side - something that has changed his life...

At 3:15 PM on March 2, 1998, I was at my doctor?s office for a check-up on my bladder cancer, and my temperature was 105?. At this time, I blacked out. I did not wake up until 4:00 AM on March 3, 1998.

Sometime between 3:15 PM on March 2, 1998, and 4:00 AM on March 3, 1998, I was in Heaven.

Heaven is the most beautiful place you will ever see. The first things I saw were two beautiful white angels just floating above me, and they glided down to about eight feet above me. I looked down at about a 45? angle and saw my wife, Ernestine, Mary Wood, and Charlie Withers, my Sunday School teacher. They were in a sitting position like they were in a Sunday School class, but there was no building or chairs. Then I looked up and all around me as high and as far as I could see toward the horizon. There was no end to it. All the space was filled with spirits all dressed in the same rose colored robes. They did not walk and just seemed to glide through each other as they pleased. At that moment, I knew I was in Heaven.

Then I heard someone call Saint Peter. I said, ?Saint Peter,? and he said, ?Yes.? I said, ?I?m Grady Morrison, and I know I?m in Heaven, and I?m ready to go to work, what shall I do?? I said to Saint Peter, ?I?m looking at my wife on Earth, and she needs me, but I am in Heaven now, and I?ll stay if God wants me to. Saint Peter said, ?Yes, I see your wife.?

I said to Saint Peter, ?In 1950, my wife had surgery on her neck to remove cancer. During the surgery, the doctor stopped and came upstairs to me for permission to remove 2 1/2 inches of her jugular vein in order to remove all the cancer cells. I thought for a moment because I did not know if she could live without that portion of her jugular vein. The doctor said she would not have energy enough to play football, but otherwise she would have a normal life. Then I said, ?OK, go ahead,? and the doctor left to finish the surgery. I dropped to my knees on a bench, and for two hours I prayed to God that if He would heal my wife, I would take care of her as long as she lived. I am still talking to Saint Peter. ?At the end of two hours, the doctor touched me on my shoulder and said, ?I think she is OK now, you may see her.? When I stood up, I felt so good that I was sure God heard my prayer, and my wife was going to be fine. He not only healed her, he gave us two more sons in five years.? I also told Saint Peter how God protected me through World War II. I would ask God to protect me every time we went into battle. He blessed me, even though I did not hear His voice, I could feel His Shadow beside me. I never got a scratch, even though I did lose several of my men. I told Saint Peter how much I loved God for looking after me. Saint Peter was just looking at me, and I was still looking at my wife knowing that I had really left her on Earth, and I had no idea if I would be with her again until she came to Heaven too.

Then God?s wonderful voice said, ?What is going on down there?? That is the most wonderful voice I have ever heard. There are no adjectives that can describe His strong, caring, tender-loving voice.

Then Saint Peter looked up over my head and said, ?This is Grady Morrison, we were just looking at his wife down on Earth,? and God said, ?Yes, I see her.? Saint Peter said, ?She has eye problems and needs Grady, but he is willing to stay here if you want him.?

Then Saint Peter started telling God everything I had told him. ?1. In 1950, when his wife had surgery, he prayed two hours for You to heal her, and God said, ?Yes, I remember.? ? 2. Saint Peter told God how I could feel His Shadow following me during my time in World War II. Again God said, ?I remember.? 3. Saint Peter told God how I praised His love and kindness for looking after me.

Then God?s voice said, ?Wait, just a minute.? Now Saint Peter said, ?He is checking the books.? Then I remember thinking, ?we do have books in Heaven.? It seemed seconds, and God?s loving voice came down saying, ?We have not called that name yet. He should be back on Earth.?

Immediately the vision of my wife left me, and I felt a slight nerve in my left side and a warm blanket came over my body. My spirit was back in my body.

I don?t know what time that happened, but at 4:00 AM, I woke up and was wet with cold sweat. Then I knew my fever had gone.

Everyday, I thank God for bringing me back to Earth. This happened in March of 1998. How sweet it is to be alive and healthy even at 86 years old. I have never been the same since. There is not a day that goes by that I don?t spiritually and emotionally re-see and re-live this experience several times.

Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior.

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