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Jesus was born surrounded by love,
--- He died at the hands of those that hated Him.

His birth was worshipped by wise men,
--- He died by those that were wise in their own eyes.

He was presented with gold at his birth,
--- He was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

He was born the essence of innocence,
--- He died with the sins of the world.

He came into this world with a baby's cry,
--- He died after refusing to speak at his trial.

He was born wrapped in swaddling clothes,
--- They gambled for his garments at His crucifixion.

He was born with his mother and father and the hosts of heaven,
--- He died crucified between 2 thieves.

His birth brought happiness to those in foreign lands,
--- His death caused the land to be filled with darkness.

People gathered at his birth,
--- The disciples scattered like sheep upon his death.

His birth prepared for us a crown of life,
--- His death gave Him a crown of thorns.

He was born speaking a language no one understood,
--- He died speaking words few at first believed.

His birth was a blessing to his parents,
--- His death represented a curse on mankind.


His birth was made a little lower than the angels,
--- His resurrection put Him at the right hand of God the Father.

His birth found Him needing his parents,
--- Through his resurrection, all mankind depends on Him.

He was presented with worldly gifts at his birth,
--- He was given new brothers and sisters upon his resurrection.

He gave his mother pain upon birth,
--- His resurrection wipes away the tears for all mankind.

His birth was worshipped by wise men,
--- For those that receive Him in his resurrection, greater wisdom has no man.

He was born to travel no more than 30 miles from His home,
--- He was raised Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.

He was born to live only 33 years,
--- His resurrection gives eternal life to all who will receive Him.

His birth was the Alpha,
His resurrection the Omega!

The Revelation is complete. There is no need for anything else.

We were all created in God's image with a vacuum inside us that only a relationship with Him can fill. Jesus came to forgive sins so that vacuum can be filled with a personal relationship to the Creator of the Universe.

He is the Alpha & Omega. If you don't know Him in a personal way, in the silence of the moment, ask Christ to show you the TRUTH about who He is.

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